Distributing Educational Materials on International Day

On January 24, 2023, the International Day of Education came alive as we joined the spirited celebration with Central Primary School and Ikeja Primary School students. A special treat awaited: the distribution of 255 books courtesy of Learn Africa Plc.

But it didn’t stop there. We stepped up to bridge the gap for students without proper school bags, providing them with essentials that sparked uncontainable joy. Their radiant smiles affirmed our commitment to creating an environment where learning thrives.

This vibrant celebration isn’t just about the materials—it’s a testament to our resolve to uplift communities through education’s transformative power. It showcases the collective force that molds students’ futures and aspirations.

Seeing the pure happiness on these young learners’ faces solidifies our impact. Beyond the tangible, this event underscores the inherent value of education, igniting hope for brighter tomorrows.

In a world where education is a beacon of change, our celebration resonates with a promise—to equip minds, stoke ambitions, and pave a better path through the magic of educational material distribution.




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